Friday, May 27, 2011

Organ/Tissue Donation and Home Funerals

You can be an organ or tissue donor and still have a home funeral!
I've been researching this lately and here's some good info:
Organ donation can only happen if you die in a hospital and have been on a ventilator.
There are many types of tissue donation (nerves, tendons, skin, cornea, etc) and it's much easier. The body is "retrieved" after death and returned 12-24 hours later, and family members can go with, if they want. Gift of Life Michigan takes care to make the body presentable. So, you can have the body brought back home and then proceed with a home vigil or home funeral.
The biggest issue I see is the interruption of having the body taken away right after death when the natural inclination is to not want to worry about details and just SIT with the body. It might seem like an interference.
What do you think?


  1. Perhaps if you can truly accompany the body and stay with it at all times, the journey becomes a labor of love?

  2. Yes, the place I talked to has a waiting room for family members so the separation time is minimal.